Virginia Health Insurance News: Anthem & Open Enrollment

Anthem Returns to Virginia

Anthem HealthKeepers is back in Virginia. They’re expanding 2018 individual health insurance plan offerings to 68 Virginia cities and counties on and off the exchange. However, they are not in every county in Virginia. This could affect you depending on where you live.

At the present time, these are the local Virginia cities and counties serviced by Anthem HealthKeepers in 2018:

Anthem VA County List

Anthem has the majority of market share in this area, but there are also other companies offering health insurance products in Virginia. In the Lynchburg, VA area, Piedmont Community Health Plan continues to offer Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans. Optima will be offering ACA compliant plans as well for the coming year.

Open Enrollment is Shorter

The biggest change this year is the enrollment period. Open Enrollment has been reduced down to ONLY 45 DAYS! From November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. I expect more people will try to get coverage over a shorter time period. This means delays, computer crashes and everything else we experienced the first year of this plan.

My advice? Apply or renew early! Make it the first part of your Christmas to-do list. Here are some other tips to make open enrollment easier.

Also, the health insurance rates this year have increased approximately 45% regardless of your provider.

In the morning news, which could change tomorrow, the idea of insurers offering coverage across state lines has been mentioned. I think the goal of that is to create competition between insurance companies. But nothing official has been done yet. Let’s wait and see.

Need a Health Insurance Agent?

This is my fifth year as a registered health insurance agent for ACA policies. We will be here all year long to assist you with any concerns or questions about your enrollment. Contact us about your health insurance coverage.

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