Why Choose Us?

What do you want out of your insurance company?

We at Bruce Gardner Insurance agency are committed to service and safety. We try to provide all our clients with the best service we can throughout the whole year. We don’t fade away.

What to expect from Bruce Gardner Insurance Agency

Better Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies and pricing can be confusing. And it gets discouraging when you write a check year after year, or quarter after quarter, without understanding what that money is for. We strive to explain your coverage so you know exactly what you’re paying for and why. You are welcome to stop by or call in to the office any time you have a question about your policy or need clarification about your coverage or bill.

Reminders for Missed Payments

Life happens. If you miss a payment, we will call you as a reminder and to see if there’s a bigger issue going on preventing you from making your payment. It’s an extra step we take for you.

Putting Your Safety First

Your safety is important to us. We create an email newsletter every month to offer safety tips and reminders to our clients. This monthly Safety First E-Newsletter features topics like home fire safety, water damage prevention, wood stove inspections and more. There are steps you can take now to prevent claims and tragedies later. We send these tips and reminders throughout the year to help keep you, your family and your property safe.

We also provide you with tools to help.

  • Water Shut Off Tag: Water shut off tags to label the main water valve in your home for quick and easy access, if needed.

  • Wood Stove Cleaning Reminder Postcard: A postcard reminder to have your wood stove cleaned and inspected before the heating season, if you have one.

  • Home Fire Escape Plan: A simple worksheet with instructions and tips to create a home fire escape plan for you and your family. Plus, at any time, you can request a free safety review of your property for us to identify any potential hazards in and around your home.

We hope you consider Bruce Gardner Insurance Agency to serve you well and care about your safety throughout the lifetime of your policy.