How to Prevent Fraud During the Holidays

The holiday times are busier for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take precautions to prevent fraud. With an increase in holiday spending, you’ll likely use your credit card or debit card more often during the next month. We still need to keep our financial information safe both in stores and online. You can help prevent fraud during the holidays with these security tips.

Keep Your Credit Card Information Secure:

Check your credit card statements against your receipts (sorted by credit card). Verify your charges regularly to detect any unusual activity or purchases you didn’t make. You can also check your credit report ahead of time from one of the free services available and monitor changes to it.

Check for ATM Skimming Devices:

ATM skimming devices are a threat that are being found close to home. Even as close as Staunton, VA, according to a recent email from Dupont Community Credit Union. Here are some suggested precautions you can take to prevent fraud when using ATMs:

  • Carefully inspect card readers before inserting your card. Skimming equipment is often loosely attached for easy removal. If it’s loose or comes off, you have likely discovered a skimmer.
  • Watch for unusual marks, scratches or loose pieces of equipment on any card reader.
  • If you think the ATM may have a skimmer on it, report it to the financial institution/ATM owner immediately.

** Please take a little extra time to inspect an ATM before using it.

Get an Identity Protection Service:

You can protect your identity with services like FraudScout by Rockingham Group. FraudScout offers credit and fraud monitoring and proactive educational information and tools for an ongoing offense against fraud. In the case your identity is stolen, it provides full identity theft recovery assistance and document and identification replacement. Protect your identity with FraudScout.

Another identity theft protection provider is Legal Shield. Unlike LifeLock and MetLife, LegalShield continues to grow in market share. Get information about LegalShield identity protection services.

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