Meet Tracy

Tracy Kitts has had over 30 years of Insurance experiences meeting the needs of people who want excellent service and a great product. Originally from Mississippi, she moved to the Alleghany Highlands nine years ago to start her own insurance business, thus Alleghany Insurance Services was born.

Alleghany Insurance Services is partnering with Bruce Gardner Insurance Agency. Tracy and Bruce will be working together to make sure you have the health coverage you need for 2022.

Covid-19 continues to add a wrinkle to service. To better serve you during this time, Tracy will be working over the telephone and Bruce will be taking the in-person role with office appointments. We feel this will offer our clients the coverage they will need now and into the coming years.

If you live in the Alleghany Highlands and Covington, VA area, you may contact Tracy Kitts by phone to assess your insurance needs.

Direct Line: 540-960-2338