4 Ways to Prepare Your Farm for Storm Season

4 Ways to Prepare Your Farm for Storm Season

As we all know, it’s been a crazy winter – snow and 70+ degree weather all in the same week! Those drastically changing weather patterns will also bring higher winds, rainstorms, and lightning. As a farmer, you and your farm can be greatly affected by these late spring and summer storms. Here are some things you can do to prepare your farm for storm season.

1. Consider Cattle Coverage

Did you know lightning can strike a tree then travel hundreds of yards underground? If they’re standing close together under a tree, several livestock can be affected by a single lightning strike. That’s how these 32 cows were killed on a Missouri farm last summer (2017). What a tragic, and expensive, loss.

At Bruce Gardner Insurance Agency, we offer insurance for cattle. Would it be worth it to add coverage to your farm policy to protect your cattle for this season? If you’re buying and holding for the summer and selling in the fall, we can add cattle coverage to your policy in the spring and remove it in the fall. Contact us to find out more about our cattle coverage.

2. Practice Lightning Safety

Of course, it’s important to protect yourself and your employees from lightning, too. Here are some lightning safety tips and myths from the NOAA and National Weather Service. Lightning is unpredictable and has an unpredictable path. It doesn’t hurt to remind your employees of the dangers of lightning and how they can practice safety on the job.

3. Protect Your Property from High Winds

You can also prepare your farm for storm season by protecting farm structures from the damage of high winds. I like to go back to the old phrase, “It’s time to batten down the hatches!” Are there any loose boards that need fixing? Barn siding that needs an extra screw to hold it in place? There’s always something to fix or paint. Now is a good time to take a look at these items before the heat of the summer and the worst of the storms.

4. Document Your Farm Equipment Storage

Speaking of farm structures, do you know what’s stored in every single building on your property? We all know when the roof comes crashing to the ground, it’s hard to know what all was inside that building. Take pictures of what you have stored in each of your farm buildings. This will be very useful information in the event of a claim. As for the pictures, make sure to back them up so you have multiple copies. It’s also helpful to email them to your insurance agent. We can add the photos to your account

A few preventative measures now to prepare your farm for storm season can make a big difference later. So brush up on your storm safety, batten down the hatches, and snap some pictures of your storage.

We hope you have a safe storm season on the farm.

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