Farm Safety: PTO Safety Tips

If you’re a farm owner, you know that farming comes with a number of risks and hazards and farm safety is no small matter. According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the U.S. However, better safety and health practices reduce worker fatalities, injuries and illnesses along with associated costs. A great way to start to improve farm safety is to increase your own education and awareness of risks and hazards on the farm.

PTO Safety Tips

One such hazard is the Power Take-Off, or PTO shaft. This shaft efficiently transfers mechanical power between farm tractors and implements. But it is one of the oldest and most persistent hazards associated with farm machinery, says the National Farmers Union.

Also, according to the National Farmers Union, PTO entanglements usually result in severe injury or death. Here are a few very important safety practices when using PTO:

  1. Never Reach or Step Across an Operating PTO
  2. Keep Clothes and Limbs Away From Rotating PTO Shafts
  3. Always Disengage the PTO, turn off the engine, and remove the keys before leaving the seat

Here’s a brief video about PTO safety including a testimony from a PTO injury survivor.

Remember, the PTO is one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on your farm. As a good farmer, we understand you are well aware of this potential hazard.

Farm Safety Resources

You can find many more farm safety tips and videos on the National Farmers Union website about a variety of hazards. We also found this Farm Safety Fact sheet from OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) with more items to consider.

We hope you find some helpful resources here so you can increase the safety of yourself, your family and other workers on your farm.

Another piece of farm safety is having the insurance coverage you need for your farm. Contact us at Bruce Gardner Insurance Agency if you'd like more information about farm insurance.

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