Gutter Guards for Easy Fall Home Maintenance

Cleaning out your gutters is an important part of fall home maintenance. You can increase the life of your roof and help prevent roof damage by keeping your gutters clear. But it can be risky or near impossible to do it yourself. Gutter guards are a great long-term solution.

What Happens When You DON’T Clean Your Gutters?

We all know fall leaves and debris can build up in your gutters throughout the season. This blocks the correct flow of water off your roof and down your gutters when it rains. Standing water on roofs is never good.

If the gutters aren’t clear come winter, that can create even more issues. Ice dams can form on your roof. Ice dams are caused when snow and ice melts and refreezes at the edge of your roof. Again, it builds up and blocks the proper flow of water. Ice dams can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

3 Ways to Clean Your Gutters

So, if you want clean gutters, you have a few options.

  1. DIY - You could get out the ladder and do-it-yourself every year, or a couple times a year depending on your home. Any time you’re on your roof or a ladder, there’s a potential safety hazard.
  2. Call a Professional - You could have a professional clean out your gutters for you. Of course, this costs money.
  3. Install Gutter Guards - This option costs some up front. But gutter guards save you more time and money in the long run without risking your own safety.

What are gutter guards?

Gutter guards keep leaves and debris out of gutters. They let the water flow through the gutters as it should. It also reduces ice dams at the edge of your roof. As the snow and ice melts, the water is able to flow through the gutters instead of getting stopped and clogged. This adds to the longevity of your roof’s life.

Consider calling a professional, like a gutter installer to install gutter guards on your roof before winter hits. While you're at it, have them clear out your gutters first.

This is a simple fall home maintenance task for easy living. You don't have to worry about falling off the roof or a ladder trying to clean out your gutters every year!

What else can you do for fall home maintenance? Get your chimney cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep professional.

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