Identify Snakes Before You Destroy

How often do you stop to identify snakes you see before taking action? Not all snakes are a threat. Like Bruce the shark says about fish in Finding Nemo, snakes can be your friends too.

Snakes are part of the food chain. They enjoy consuming mice and other rodents. Having a snake around is a lot like having a barn cat. You’re not going to see them often, but you know they’re doing their work taking care of small pests on your property. After all, they need to eat too.

Many of us have the instinct to kill a snake as soon as we see it. But before you run to get the shovel, take a closer look at what type of snake you have in front of you.

Several common snakes in our area non-poisonous. In fact, there are only 3 species of venomous snakes in Virginia verses 31 harmless snake species. 

Please refer to this Snake Identification Guide from the Virginia Herpetological Society.

Additionally, you can find a list and maps of snakes found in Virginia by county including photos of each species.

So take a minute to identify any snakes you find on your property. If they’re a harmless species, it could be beneficial to you to leave them be.

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