Protecting Your Eyes with Safety Glasses

Protecting Your Eyes with Safety Glasses

When was the last time you wore safety glasses to protect your eyes?

There are several activities of children and adults that can be a danger to your eyes, like Nerf guns, sports, using the weed trimmer, and cleaning out your wood stove. For the cost of $5 or so, you can get a pair of safety glasses to use during these times.

Safety Glasses for Nerf & Sport Activities

Nerf guns are a fun toy for children of all ages…and that includes adults. In our household, we’ve made it mandatory that safety glasses are worn if there are any “bullets” or darts in the guns. We call them our “shooting glasses.” The direct impact of a Nerf bullet in your eye is strong enough to cause permanent damage. This isn’t life or death, but damage to your eye’s retina is possible, even through your eye lid. Protect your eyes during play time with Nerf guns with safety eyewear.

Safety glasses are also great for sports for children, such as soccer. There is protective eyewear specifically designed for sports that are meant to stay in place during running and excessive movement.

Weed Trimming & Wood Stove Cleaning

For adults, safety glasses are great to wear while you’re using your weed trimmer. Weed trimmers kick debris all over the place. I don’t see many people trimming their weeds while wearing shorts because they want to protect their legs. What about protecting your eyes? If you’re going to wear pants to protect your legs, you should be wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes. Again, its a very small cost for these glasses compared to the cost of damage to your eyes.

Another good time for this protective eyewear is when cleaning your wood stove. This will protect your eyes against dust and ash from the stove.

Consider other activities you do that are a risk to your eyes and invest a small amount in a pair of safety glasses.

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