Farm Insurance


Are you correctly covered by your farm insurance policy?

Rockingham offers Virginian farmers a Farmowners Insurance policy that protects your home and personal property as well as your farm-related property, such as horse sheds, poultry houses, barns, equipment, livestock, and tenant-occupied dwellings on your property.

Home Insurance Coverage

The Rockingham Farmowners Insurance policy provides “Homeowners” coverage for your primary residence. It protects you against loss to your home, porches, attached garage, related unattached buildings and personal belongings. It also provides additional living costs for a period of time should your home become uninhabitable due to a fire or other covered loss.

Farm Insurance Coverage

Rockingham offers several comprehensive and competitive insurance programs for Virginians involved in a farming operation. We offer liability coverages along with coverages on farm buildings, machinery, equipment, and livestock.

Liability Coverage:

Farm owners liability coverage is another important feature that protects your assets if someone is injured as a result of your personal activities or farm operations. We offer personal liability, farm liability and farm pollution liability policies.

Farm Building Coverage:

  • Poultry houses and their related fixtures
  • Farm barns, buildings, silos and other structures, including attached sheds a fixtures
  • Additional farm dwellings including additions, fixtures and any outdoor equipment used to service the dwellings – whether owner or tenant-occupied
  • Portable buildings and structures

Livestock Coverage:

  • Livestock specifically described or entire herds
  • Newly acquired livestock

Machinery Coverage:

  • Mobile farm machinery and equipment
  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired or replacement farm machinery and equipment for up to 30 days
  • Rented or borrowed equipment

Other Covered Items:

  • Household contents in farm dwellings
  • Grain and hay in barns or in the open
  • Farm products and supplies
  • Computers
  • Property away from premises

Discounts and Credits Available:

  • 15% Multi-Policy Discounts
  • Policy Size Discount
  • Hinged Truss Collapse Credit for poultry houses
  • Higher Deductible Credit
  • Loss History Credit

Make sure you have accurate coverage on your Virginia farm.

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