Renters & Umbrella Insurance

Renters Insurance

Are your possessions covered? Whether you’re renting an apartment, townhouse, condo, home or mobile home, we can cover your possessions with an affordable renters insurance policy. Get comprehensive property and liability coverage at reasonable rates with Rockingham renters insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

This extra protection known as an Umbrella Insurance Policy provides liability coverage over and above the limits on your Automobile, Homeowners, and/or your Farmowners policy to protect your financial assets.

You don't have to be a millionaire to lose a million dollars in a lawsuit.

The umbrella policy is a personal catastrophe policy. It covers you and your family's liability against the ever-increasing jury awards that may be leveled against you. This policy provides additional liability limits to your Homeowners, Condominium, Renter's, Automobile, and Farmowners policy. It also provides coverage that may be excluded in your existing policies.

An Umbrella Insurance Policy is your second line of defense. It protects you and your family when your other policies stop. If you don't have adequate liability coverage, losses from an accident can ruin your and your famiily's financial future.

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